Thoughts and Reflections for 10.8.2020

Maybe it doesn’t look like much right now…. Yes, the work is slow and tedious. As an artist he is driven towards realizing the full expression of his magnificence. He must focus on his work and throughout the process encounter darkness and isolation…. Will his work be noticed? Will the moment when all is revealed feel triumphant? What happens next?
The caterpillar in the photos has taken up residence in our satsuma tree. I discovered him just the other morning and felt utter delight that of all places he could have chosen, he chose our tree! (Yes, I do believe he found his way to us). So what does this mean? And what insights are revealed by the sighting of this tiny backyard treasure? Is there a Feng Shui/Nine Star Ki connection? You betcha!!

Creating personal areas or spaces in our homes is essential. It is an area conceived and designed by you and for you. I have 2 spaces. One is a wicker seat on my front porch. It’s a small space where I can go anytime and just be…whatever that “be” may be in a moment in time. Although, the space is on my front porch it feels very secluded for me. The wicker has been many colors over the years and the seat cushion has been replaced a time or two. It is worn and cats have sharpened their claws on the legs, but that’s just the way of life. My other space is a tiny antique desk. I purchased the desk a few years ago at a little shop in Silverhill, AL. I was introduced to the shop by a friend and I can’t remember on which visit the desk was discovered, but what I do remember is thinking, “Perfect.” I absolutely love sitting at the desk to write (checks, too). I write notes and cards, fill out deposit slips, and make lists. It is a quiet personal space and when I am sitting there, it’s just me and the process.

Personal spaces are transformative….meaning they can be personally transformative and the space can transform. It is a space that evolves with you and at your whim.

My little caterpillar friend is occupying the satsuma tree in our backyard. For the little caterpillar it is now his personal space. He will move about the spaces of the tree munching away at leaves, taking respite in the branches, just going through his process of transformation.

The guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki relate to developing a harmonious relationship between our internal and external worlds. When we find connection with our internal world we are able to connect with our external world and vice versa. It is a an ever evolving balance between the two. Discover and create an area or areas in your home which allow you to be as you are. Place items that are meaningful (sometimes purposeful) for you. The space belongs to you. The magical part of all of this is that no one really needs to know…the space is as it is….it is special for you and that is all that matters.

As those of you know, I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!

The caterpillar of the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly

Quiet time in the tree

Delicious satsuma leaves for the caterpillar

I love to write at this desk. The images of my children from their youth inspire my creativity and imagination. It’s a small space and it is absolutely perfect for me. I am always at peace and feel content.