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Thoughts and Reflections for 5.4.2020

Greetings Energy Friends! It is a new month ready to be planted with opportunity. Wait a minute? ….are you saying ready to be planted? Yes! I am most definitely saying, “…ready to be planted.” The reason for the phrasing is because I received a post request from an extraordinarily radiant soul with the energy profile of 4.6.3.

4.6.3 asks, “How do I best use my time right now to live into the fullest potential of my energy?”

Dear 4.6.3,

Thank you for sending your question. On the surface, it may seem like a relatively simple question, but as you know, the study and practice of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki requires one to essentially dig deep to uncover and then reveal the essence of energy.

Your principle energy, 4 Tree, is the energy primarily used to understand the energetic influence for 2020. As you know, you are in the energy house of 2 Soil. In the previous year (2019) of 1 Water, guidance encouraged you to strengthen your roots physically, emotionally and spiritually. When one (particularly Tree energy) is supported by a strong root system, you create the opportunity for your branches to grow stronger and reach farther. Your Tree energy is given support by Soil. The reason I described the relationship between Tree and Soil as “given support” and not “supported by [Soil] is because in nature as root systems grow soil is shifted or disrupted by the growing roots. Just drive down any old street with established oak trees to understand the impact a root systems create. The relationship between Tree and Soil is best treated with consideration of the other. It is important to understand and respect the value of Soil. As Tree energy you have the upper branch (energy humor). Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 4.28.2020

Inspiration Sprouted Through a Gesture of Gratitude…

Life slowed down and a stroll to gather mail sparked interest in a little boy filled with wonder and curiosity and an innate eagerness to know more. Holding a collection of envelopes, catalogs and advertisements the little boy’s interest was peaked by an envelope decorated with squiggle lines, sparkles, colorful bands and stickers. Delivering the mail to his Mom, he wanted to know if the decorated envelope was for him. A tinge of disappointment surfaced when he learned it was not. The letter was for Mom. Sitting patiently next to his mom, she opened and read my note aloud. A feeling of joy trickled into his earnest spirit. On the back of the card, a birthday wish was written in hopes for a year filled with laughter and fun for her little boy.

I sent the letter (a thank you note) to his mom, my friend. She shared the initial disappointment her little boy experienced then the spark of excitement by my birthday wish. I suggested I could write a letter to him about his energy (Nine Star Ki), since his Mom reminded him of who I am. “You know, the Feng Shui person. She does energy work.” A shrug of the shoulders perhaps and then off to play. With approval from his Mom, I wrote to her little boy about his amazing energy. I shared with him the abilities his Nine Star Ki energy possesses naturally. The focus of the letter centered around one specific area of his energy. I shared with him how his metal energy is the same as having super powers. Metal energy is strong and it gives him the ability to think fast and solve problems. I suggested he strengthen his metal energy by working on a variety of puzzles and other activities to sharpen his thinking skills because the world needs people who are good at solving problems. I explained to him about the importance for people who use their energy for problem solving to maintain balance in their life. I encouraged him to practice yoga with his Mom. Writing and sharing information and insight with my friend’s son was truly a gift. I loved imagining and then discovering how the work of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki would create interest for a child.

The card was received and the message resonated. “…loved your note and [brother] would love to see what you have to say about him!” In my friend’s message to me, she shared that yoga and meditation are a regular practice for their family. I responded, “Wonderful! …more energy notes coming your way!!” And then my friend responded with the message… “You’re the energy fairy!” Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 4.23.2020

Greetings Energy Friends! I have received another request for fengshui831 thoughts and reflections post. YAY!! The request I received earlier this month was from a 3 Tree (principle energy) person. Interestingly, the request I received today is also from a 3 Tree (principle energy) person. Considering the conditions we are currently navigating, the 1 Water energy house 3 Tree is occupying in 2020, it is understandable for 3 Tree to feel like guidance is not working as planned. As mentioned in the previous post, this is an area the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki can be very beneficial. For the purposes of offering explanation and insight, I will refer to the energy profile of the person who sent request.

I’d love to hear your reflections on how those of us in a year for preparation and planning can thrive in this time of having our hands full with the present moment!

Dear 3.3.5,

Thank you for bringing this area of energy to the surface for further reflection. When we met earlier this year to discuss your energy and the guidance for occupying the 1 Water house for 2020, much of the focus, as you mentioned, for this energy year is for planning and preparation. The benefits of a 1 Water year offers the opportunity to slow down and mindfully sink into how to best plan and prepare foundations for the future of your dreams and aspirations to develop over the next 3 to 5 years. Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 4.14.2020

Maybe it doesn’t look like much right now…. Yes, the work is slow and tedious. As an artist he is driven towards realizing the full expression of his magnificence. He must focus on his work and throughout the process encounter darkness and isolation…. Will his work be noticed? Will the moment when all is revealed feel triumphant? What happens next?
The caterpillar in the photos has taken up residence in our satsuma tree. I discovered him just the other morning and felt utter delight that of all places he could have chosen, he chose our tree! (Yes, I do believe he found his way to us). So what does this mean? And what insights are revealed by the sighting of this tiny backyard treasure? Is there a Feng Shui/Nine Star Ki connection? You betcha!! Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 4.7.2020

Since we are all living closely with our family members I would love some tips on how to follow our own energy and co-habitat with the energies of our family members?
I really love this question. This is an area the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki can be very beneficial. For the purposes of offering explanation and insight, I am going refer to the energy profile of the person asking the question.

Dear 3.7.1,
You have a unique energy profile. The combination of tree, metal and water energy gives you the ability to relate and be compatible in and with a variety of the energies of others and situations. People are naturally drawn to your fun-loving way of being in the world. Whether you are hard at work or planning a event for family and friends, you are always finding a way to make each and every person feel valued. Since you naturally give of yourself in relationships it is important to be mindful and care for yourself, too. Continue reading