Your home is one of the most important investments you can make in your life. It is where you live and where you love, a collection of your stories from the photos in the wall to the treasures collected along your life’s journey. Your home can also be the platform for fulfilling your dreams. It is where your family meets at the end of the day to offer advice and encouragement, to foster relationships and to support your hopes and plans and goals for the future.

When the energy of your home is unbalanced, it is reflected in the ways you feel about and move through your life. It is reflected in your relationships and in your work. Using the principles of Feng Shui, I can offer you the opportunity to bring balance and harmony into the spaces of your home.

Whether you are moving to an existing home or building your dream home, renovating or changing your design, I can help you to “bring down the walls” both literally and figuratively. I can help you identify the imbalances in your space that are not encouraging a positive energy flow and guide you toward integration of harmonious spaces.

I will get to know you by listening to you. I also encourage new clients to fill out a questionnaire. It helps me to discern areas of imbalance that you may be aware of only in the periphery of your mind. Observing you in your home and discussing the patterns of your day with you lets me know how to customize a design specific for the way your life flows. Once we have identified the imbalances, I will work with you to create a balanced and positive environment for your home using my own experience and own perspective of the ancient art of Feng Shui.

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