While your home is the center from which your life flows, your office is one of the primary ways you express yourself and your creativity. It is the springboard from which you launch your professional dreams. You make decisions that affect your life and family, set professional goals and foster working relationships. Therefore, your work environment needs to be more than just a space to get your work done. It needs to be reflective of who you are and the unique gifts you bring. Once your space is centered around these things, your business will consistently grow and become more fulfilling.

Most work environments are ever changing. The various experiences and energies of the people who pass through day-to-day affect balance and harmony. Because of the many outside influences, it is important to keep your work environment simple and minimal. This will offer the optimal flow of energy so that your productivity, efficiency and satisfaction are improved. Using the principles of Feng Shui, I can assist you in identifying which areas in your office can be streamlined to help to integrate a flow of functional, harmonious spaces.

Most offices have a need for multiple areas that function differently. You may need a space to welcome your clients and make them feel at home; a space to meet with clients and/or perform your services; a space to focus on your solitary work. It is important to focus on the balance and energy of each of these aspects of your work and their individual purposes while keeping the whole in mind.

Whether you are moving to an existing office or building your ideal office, renovating or changing your design, I can help you to arrange your space in a way that encourages positive energy flow and guides you toward balance and harmony in your work.

I will get to know you by listening to you. I also encourage new clients to fill out a questionnaire. It helps me to discern areas of imbalance that you may be aware of only in the periphery of your mind. Observing you in your office and discussing the patterns of your day with you lets me know how to customize a design specific for the way your life flows. Once we have identified the imbalances, I will work with you to create a balanced and positive environment for your work using my own experience and own perspective of the ancient art of Feng Shui.

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