Life is all about relationships. Whether they are personal or professional, they impact your happiness and productivity. The more you understand yourself and the more you understand those with whom you live and work, the more you can have a cohesive and harmonious existence.

My training in 9 Star Ki allows me to help you understand your basic nature and tendencies so that you can successfully navigate your relationships. I will guide you to identify the energy in your relationships so that you gain perspective of yourself and others. This will allow you to work to attain balance and recognition of each other as individuals and to respectfully engage in a way that validates and affirms each other’s energy.

Together, we can work to better your personal relationships. I also work in professional environments to evaluate prospective employees and improve relationships among colleagues. My training allows me to impart information about your basic nature and tendencies for successful navigation in all areas of life, including relationships, moves, career changes and more.

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