Thoughts and Reflections for 3.17.2020

Greetings! While we are creating new ways of navigating our days, I would like to share thoughts and reflections incorporating the guidance from Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki.

Collectively we are in a 7 Metal year for 2020. The season, if you will, of 7 Metal is a time for reflection. The time of day corresponds to the evening when we are able to relax and enjoy a bit of respite from a day of work. As we have spun into a lifestyle of 24 hour news cycles and have the ability to work from very early in the morning as well as well into the evening, I wonder if we can use this time to use the energy of the year to reset some of our norms and discover a way to give back to ourselves and those close to us.

As you all know, I often say, “We practice in little, what we need to accomplish in big.” Considering choosing a time over these next days to schedule dinner together with family and/or friends. Just like we gather our leaves in the fall, the energy of 7 Metal is supporting us to gather together at the end of the day and share our experiences from our day’s work. Bring light (9 Fire) to the table and discuss your thoughts and your feelings that are close to your heart (again, 9 Fire) with those close to you. The simple gesture of lighting a candle during meal time may encourage you to linger a bit longer to listen (4 Tree) and share (2 Soil) your joy (7 Metal) and perhaps a few laughs with each other. Carry the candle light with you into the kitchen and share in community the chore (2 Soil) of washing (1 Water) the dishes from your meal and putting everything back in order (6 Metal).

As those of you know, I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!


PS: I will continue to share thoughts and reflections regularly over the next few weeks. If you have an area of energy you would like discussed, please send an email or text. If you would prefer not to receive emails from me, I will respectfully omit your address from this list. Also, you are welcome to share my contact information with anyone interesting in learning more about my work.