A team is a beautiful thing to have in one’s life. Having good teammates truly represents that the “Helpful People” area of your home’s bagua is active and strong. My son is #20 on the Lower Alabama Lacrosse team. This team means everything to him. They are each other’s support and their bonds of friendship run deep. As #20’s Mom I am truly grateful that he is experiencing an unconditional bond with his lacrosse brothers. One of my greatest joys during a game is witnessing the pure joy of the players both on and off the field. Goals are scored, defenders protect and a team of young men work together, helping and supporting each other selflessly. Win or lose they are a team. The guiding principles of Feng Shui are ever present in our lives. Each principle represented in the bagua of our home corresponds to an area in our life. There is benefit in exploring the different areas of our home and question if we are enjoying an abundance of positive life experiences. I encourage you to check in on your own life. Is the team you belong to helpful and supportive? Are you able to communicate with others and clearly understood? Are you reciprocal in the relationships of your life? If you feel like your life would benefit by having stronger bonds and more supportive friendships, clearer lines of communication or you have questions, please reach out and I would be honored to discuss and set up a consultation for improving this area of your life.