Who Has Seen the Wind?

I think most of us are familiar with the poem written by Christina Rossetti, “Who Has Seen the Wind?”  It is one of my favorite childhood poems.  The poem poses a profound philosophical question about one of nature’s most elusive elements.

You know you cannot see it.  You know you cannot contain it.  But you can feel it.  You can see the effects of it, and you know when it is there.  So, I am striving to make sense!  To create order!  What?  Have I gone off the Feng Shui deep end?  It’s WIND or THE WIND!  Who has seen it?  Ms. Rossetti poignantly writes, “Neither I nor you.”

I posed this question to my son when he was 9 years old. “Hunter, can you capture the wind?”  He looked at me.  And because I know he has always been determined to do what is impossible for most mortals, my revolutionary child would most certainly consider the possibility that it could be done.  But even for the child who tearfully argued at age nine with me about why the rules of finding the perimeter of an area made no sense to him, even he had to conclude that “THE WIND” could not be captured. So went my conversation with him and the analogy of capturing the wind and why we can better serve our purpose in life by following the intention we have set forth for ourselves and being mindful of the shifting winds.

Feng Shui offers an opportunity to conceptually study the dynamic influence the wind has on the way we choose to design our lives, whether it be internal or external. The wind has helped to create some interesting weather patterns which allow the elements (fire, soil, metal, water, tree) of Feng Shui to be observed and understood. From time to time the of water has given notice to those of us who reside along the gulf coast.  I remember a few years ago we received a deluge of rain that poured from the heavens.  It was incredible.  What were the effects from such an abundant amount of water?  Each of our experiences was specific to where we lived.  The water did what it did without concern or conscience.  The water rushing down the street in front of my home came at such a force that my retainer blocks along the entrance to my driveway were knocked out of place.   My neighbors across the street woke up to find their driveway made up of soil and rock was now sitting in the street.  When I spoke to a friend living just 30 minutes away, her experience came with more urgency.  She watched as her back yard continued to fill with water that came very close to flooding her home.   We all experienced the same rainstorm, but the impact on each individual home was unique.

Okay, okay…so what does this have to do with Feng Shui?

Life is lived more simply when things are in balance.

All of the elements in nature are applied in Feng Shui to illustrate how to create a balanced living environment.   These applications can be applied to all areas of our life to offer an opportunity to create a more harmonious and productive existence.  Why would you continue to coexist with the flood waters left after a storm, when creating a more balanced environment with the elements of soil and tree can offer support for sustainability?  This ability to create on the outside what we would like experience on the inside is attainable.  Exploring how the principles of Feng Shui are influencing our external world and understanding where the imbalances exist, offer the knowledge to either add or subtract so that we may live with ease.  It really is that simple.

Several years ago, I read a letter written by a woman who wrote about her experience both for herself and in observation of those navigating the harsh reality when one is faced with cancer.  In her letter, she shares a beautiful poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.  The poem tells the story of two ships, each guided by the same wind.  The author tells us that we get to choose how we set our sail.  No, we cannot control the wind or the water, but we are able to decide which direction we go by how we set our sail.

The principles and guidelines set forth in the study of Feng Shui have benefitted not only me, in my personal life, but also those with whom I have been blessed to work.  I invite you to look at every aspect of your life. Do you feel like things are working the way you would like them to?  Is there an aspect of your life that feels out of balance?  Do the shifting winds of life throw you off course?  My understanding and knowledge of the principles of Feng Shui can assist in bringing awareness to specific areas in your home or business that are in need of attention.  Often, we become immune to our surroundings. In every consultation, I am able to help my clients see areas in their home that reflect areas in their lives they would like to improve.  The same scenario translates in the reverse.  It may be that bringing attention to an area in the home then allows a shift in consciousness that enhances the way they live.

The wind teaches us that  just because we can’t see it, does not mean it is not there.  The energetic transformation of a space using the principles of Feng Shui is no different. It is the experience that allows what is not visible to be seen.

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