Thoughts and Reflections for 4.7.2020

Since we are all living closely with our family members I would love some tips on how to follow our own energy and co-habitat with the energies of our family members?
I really love this question. This is an area the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki can be very beneficial. For the purposes of offering explanation and insight, I am going refer to the energy profile of the person asking the question.

Dear 3.7.1,
You have a unique energy profile. The combination of tree, metal and water energy gives you the ability to relate and be compatible in and with a variety of the energies of others and situations. People are naturally drawn to your fun-loving way of being in the world. Whether you are hard at work or planning a event for family and friends, you are always finding a way to make each and every person feel valued. Since you naturally give of yourself in relationships it is important to be mindful and care for yourself, too. Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 4.5.2020

Seeds contain all of the necessary information needed to grow into themselves. For the most part, a seed placed in good soil and given adequate water and appropriate sun begins the process of growth. Some seeds grow quickly and some take a little more time. Stillness is an essential quality for any seed to begin growing. Imagine the trust and knowing for a seed to feel settled enough to release and begin growing.

Each of us has planted and continue to plant “seeds” which become the garden of our lives. Perhaps during your life you learned to play an instrument. The process of learning to play is a seed that you planted for yourself. If you continued to cultivate and work at playing your instrument, more growth occurred. Learning to play an instrument requires an element of stillness, the process is one of focus, patience and determination. Each sound has a resonance and quality to be understood. The same is true of becoming a carpenter. There are so many concepts that must be practiced and understood by a carpenter to become skilled enough to build a structure. Again, stillness is a necessary quality to begin. Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 3.27.2020

New day. New information. The speed to which we are having process and synthesize the changes occurring each day is staggering. Trying to maintain balance in our physical and emotional bodies is arduous in the current climate. Support to remain well in body and mind is necessary in order to withstand the demands of the erratic nature of this time. The guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki provide valuable tools to create the framework necessary to nourish and strengthen us physically and emotionally. We can be better equipped to endure and ultimately thrive in the momentum of these precarious times.

The elements of Fire, Soil, Metal, Water and Tree have characteristics that can be utilized to encourage a more balanced way of being. There are simple applications that when put into practice influence positive conditions to support the physical body and the emotional body. These practices over time develop and increase the ability of our physical and emotional bodies to respond to change with better clarity to make decisions that are beneficial for ourselves and others. Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 3.24.2020

Greetings! And so the work continues…

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Clutter. Books, articles and television shows have shared information regarding the subject of clutter. Since so much energy has been utilized to consider and deal with clutter, it may be worth considering that all of this attention given to clutter means that clutter has tremendous value. When some “thing” is seen as having value our relationship with “thing” shifts. Let’s examine the possibilities of what clutter actually is and gain an understanding of its value and meaning in our life. Continue reading

Thoughts and Reflections for 3.21.2020

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My perspective has shifted when it comes to my inevitable typos when writing. I’ve read and reread and yet, after an email or post has been sent, there it is…a glaring typo. The shift in my perspective is that the reader is not criticizing me or demeaning my intelligence, it is a message from the universe (to me) that when a reader notices my typo, it signifies my words have actually been read by someone. Whew! It’s my perspective and I going with it. With that said, I am fully open to receiving feedback and grammatical corrections. I enjoy writing, so any support to develop my skill is welcomed. Continue reading