3 month ago I asked Meryl to help me redecorate my office. It is one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made. Meryl is an absolute delight to work with. Under her guidance and knowledge regarding Feng Shui principles, my work space has totally been transformed. Meryl is very creative and I now come to work with a renewed energy. The flow and purpose of each piece she brought to the room has made a positive impact on how I and my clients do our own work. Meryl was never pushy and took great care to honor and respect my vision for the office. I look forward to future projects with her. — Diane Roberson-Hill

Meryl worked a miracle in my home and life. To say that the experience of working with her was transformative is an understatement. She is deeply fun, understands the crux of any life/decor issue most profoundly and with elegance and precision helps one to create a clear and joyful path to one’s true purpose. The changes keep resonating. I am grateful and full of awe. — Artistic Director – Mary Ann

Our family has been working with Meryl for over a year and a half. Through her amazing listening skills and talents, she has helped us “ask the right questions” of the spaces in our home to support our lifestyle and to delight, relax, and much more easily maintain the flow of daily life. Our most recent journey was to transform our bedroom into an area of blessings. The room is finished now and amazing; it fits exactly what we want to feel in there. Total transformation! — Blessings for our Bedroom, Barbara Brousseau

I met Meryl and in the course of 3 weeks she changed my entire space. The work was about creative a supportive space for me away from the outside world and what can I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. She gave me the intuitive and spiritual insight that I needed to truly see my space and myself in a different light, I am now tackling larger life issues through our work. I truly appreciate her and her gift and I would encourage anyone who needs just a little guidance on this journey called life to consult her. — Ginger – My New Space

My husband and I had a consult w/Meryl about a month ago. WOW! the changes are dramatic! Meryl is very talented and intuitive! Her interpretation of our space was right on. We have started making changes and the home and our lives are blossoming. It is an experience you MUST NOT miss!! The process is fun, informative and transforming. Meryl is truly a delight :0) — Robin – Home Owner

The interior of our historic home in Springfield is lovely. Visitors feel at home. — C Edwards, Home Owner

Meryl, I had no idea what to expect and what an idirectly but necessary Valentine’s Day gift your workshop was today at yoga birds. I should have taken before and after pictures of our bedroom today. I took what you said in the workshop and I already FEEL a different energy totally in there. I cannot wait for my husband’s reaction tonight. I’ll let you know but I absolutely believe he will feel it, too. Cannot wait ofr the next one! — Barb

Meryl is helping me design my new home/retreat in Magnolia Springs. I’m so thrilled that someone with her talent and expertise has landed in our beautiful area! — Lucy

Ms. Meryl transformed my room into the most beautiful room a young girl could want! She helped my mom change my little girl room into a great space to have fun and do homework. Thanks Ms Meryl. — Claire King, Client House

I had a great experience using Meryl to guide me into completely changing my house around and the energy is so much better! — Courtney Russel

Meryl will help you be the best person you can be through her insight and knowledge. She really gets “you” and uses tools that bring out your own personal style. — Liz

With Meryl’s help, my home in Springhill has been transformed into a peaceful, comfortable, lovely space to live and work. Meryl’s recommendations were excellent and people often make comments about how good it feels to be in my home. Another benefit… I’ve doubled the revenues in my business since taking Meryl’s advice. I highly recommend her!! — Stepahine Philpot, Client

Meryl has transformed my house into a real home that supports my life. — Stan

This is an awesome accomplishment and you are awesome! Great work! — Theresa