Thoughts and Reflections for 3.18.2020

A special thank you to Diane Vogel at Graphic Penguin ( for her continued support of my work. Diane has the energy of 2 Soil in her Ki! Diane created a new page on my website where all of these thoughts and reflections will be posted… www.fengshui831

There are many reasons why I find the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki interesting. As I have studied the principles and developed my own voice within the context of the work, the area of my work that has a tremendous amount of resonance is Nine Star Ki. Those of you who have met with me this year to discuss your personal energy guidance have an understanding of the “Energy House” your are currently occupying. If you haven’t, it is not a concern for the purposes of this reflection. What I have learned and observed is there is always an application of any of the energy principles that can be integrated into creating a more conscious and mindful way of living.

We are so fortunate to have 2 Soil energy occupying the 9 Fire energy house during this time of uncertainty. 2 Soil relates to both earth and the nurturing energy of the feminine (Mother). While occupying the energy house of 9 Fire, 2 Soil is able to shine a light on the magnificence and beauty of the world. She (2 Soil) reassures us that regardless of the circumstances of our life, we can count on the support of the soil beneath us to be there without having to ask. I am fascinated by the ability of soil (energy) and it’s unwavering support for all of the life that unknowingly counts on the foundation she provides for growth. The support is just there.

Notice in your own life where you are supported. Again, the more we notice in small, the greater the opportunity to see that we are truly supported in many, many areas of our life. Currently, in my own life, I am grateful to witness the growth of our grapefruit tree. This year was an exceptional year and our tree produced an abundance of exquisite fruit. The grapefruits were full of delicious goodness. Walking out to our backyard, in the morning, across dewey ground to pick a grapefruit from our tree is a blessing. And just this week, plucking the last two grapefruits from the tree, our tree is full of blossoms (more than last season) and a few tiny grapefruits are beginning to grow! As impressed as I am with our tree, I am that much more appreciative of the support of Soil that creates a foundation for everything to occur.

We are supported. Nature has provided a strong base for our lives and work to grow. Maybe we just need to regain our footing to reestablish our balance once again. We have so much more to achieve and perhaps giving notice to the support that is beneath us every day, will encourage us to look out and see an abundance of support, just there, to allow us to grow in ways we have not imagined.

As those of you know, I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!