Thoughts and Reflections for 3.19.2020

There are many reasons why I find the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki interesting. As I have studied the principles and developed my own voice within the context of the work, the area of my work that has a tremendous amount of resonance is Nine Star Ki. Those of you who have met with me this year to discuss your personal energy guidance have an understanding of the “Energy House” your are currently occupying. If you haven’t, it is not a concern for the purposes of this reflection. What I have learned and observed is there is always an application of any of the energy principles that can be integrated into creating a more conscious and mindful way of living.

Focus. The energy to reach for when the circumstances of life are rapidly changing and our minds are racing in a million directions in 6 Metal. The most yang of all the energies, 6 Metal cuts through the noise and clutter and focuses on the task at hand. I find it interesting that this year, 2020, 6 Metal energy is occupying the energy house of 4 Tree. There are many characteristics associated with 4 Tree, but the one characteristic that has the ability to catch us off guard is Wind. I think it is fair to say, the circumstances we are trying to navigate through keep shifting and swirling. We can feel the wind and we can observe the rustle of the leaves on a tree as the wind passes through. However, wind is unpredictable. Wind is not visible. The wind can alter a landscape gently or severely depending on its speed and force. But the energy of 6 metal can generate power by using the force of wind. Thinking of these two energies combined in this way, we can visualize harnessing the thoughts in our mind scattering in multiple directions to then focusing our thoughts in a way that is powerful and purposeful.

6 Metal is strong. When life feels all over the place, like you don’t know what to do first, quiet your mind. Breathe deeply and allow your thoughts to settle. These simple exercises relate to the energy of 6 Metal. This energy is accessible at any moment. Use the energy to work through challenges that appear suddenly. Be creative and imagine the energy as a tool. If it happens to be a hammer you imagine, please use in a constructive way. Having an understanding of each energies’ characteristics serves as a guide to move mindfully across the landscape of life’s journey.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!