Thoughts and Reflections for 3.21.2020

Feedback is appreciated! I’ve heard from several energy friends!! Thank you for the encouraging words. All of my posts are available to read on my website under the link “ENGAGE.” I am grateful to Diane Vogel at Graphic Penguin ( for posting my thoughts and reflections on my website…

My perspective has shifted when it comes to my inevitable typos when writing. I’ve read and reread and yet, after an email or post has been sent, there it is…a glaring typo. The shift in my perspective is that the reader is not criticizing me or demeaning my intelligence, it is a message from the universe (to me) that when a reader notices my typo, it signifies my words have actually been read by someone. Whew! It’s my perspective and I going with it. With that said, I am fully open to receiving feedback and grammatical corrections. I enjoy writing, so any support to develop my skill is welcomed.

Whether you are gaining, theorizing, or recognizing, somewhere in the middle of change is a shift in perspective. Are you being influenced externally to have a perspective that is new? Perhaps all of the change is only bringing your point of view into focus and it is simply becoming more clear. When I got my first pair of glasses at age 8, my perspective to see the physical world surrounding me became so much clearer. I believe in this moment of time, as we settle, adjusting to the changes in our day to day life, perspectives are shifting and what is available is the opportunity to become more clear.

In the guiding principles of Feng Shui, doors (traditionally front doors) represents the way we flow through our life. As we move through our day between home and our experiences outside of home we interact with our environment in ways which subtly influence our perspective. Home is where we most often begin and end our day. Home is where we return after business trips and vacations. I think there is a feeling of release, whether we drive a familiar street or walk a familiar path, in those brief moments, the experience of returning home is reassuring. Doors are the portal that open and close as we move between our inside environment and the outside world. Doors are our transition point. The physical space on each side of our door is shaping our perspective as we move across the threshold each day.

Create spaces on both sides of the exterior doors of your home which represent a perspective that is in alignment with a message you would like to experience each day. The perspective you create can be different depending on the purpose (garage, kitchen, back; etc.) of your door. If you are limited by space outside of your door because you live in an apartment building or condominium, add a doormat or place a placard to signify and bring your perspective to the space. Once inside, create a space with a viewpoint that is personal and unique to you. If you live with others, collaborate as you create. Each of us offers a perspective that has value and worth. By honoring the spaces inside and outside of your doors you are allowing your subconscious a meaningful transition between the outside and inside environments. We have been thrust into a reality where perspectives are rapidly changing. It is important to be aware and maintain our own individual perspective. By giving notice and attention to your door(s) and the transition areas on each side, you are thoughtfully shaping a clearer perspective in the midst of an ever changing world.

I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!