Thoughts and Reflections for 4.23.2020

Greetings Energy Friends! I have received another request for fengshui831 thoughts and reflections post. YAY!! The request I received earlier this month was from a 3 Tree (principle energy) person. Interestingly, the request I received today is also from a 3 Tree (principle energy) person. Considering the conditions we are currently navigating, the 1 Water energy house 3 Tree is occupying in 2020, it is understandable for 3 Tree to feel like guidance is not working as planned. As mentioned in the previous post, this is an area the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki can be very beneficial. For the purposes of offering explanation and insight, I will refer to the energy profile of the person who sent request.

I’d love to hear your reflections on how those of us in a year for preparation and planning can thrive in this time of having our hands full with the present moment!

Dear 3.3.5,

Thank you for bringing this area of energy to the surface for further reflection. When we met earlier this year to discuss your energy and the guidance for occupying the 1 Water house for 2020, much of the focus, as you mentioned, for this energy year is for planning and preparation. The benefits of a 1 Water year offers the opportunity to slow down and mindfully sink into how to best plan and prepare foundations for the future of your dreams and aspirations to develop over the next 3 to 5 years.

At the time of our meeting, life was flowing “normally.” After navigating through the previous high energy year of 9 Fire, hearing guidance which encourages “slowing down,” “adequate rest,” “spend time by the water” along with other guidance suggesting giving time and energy to yourself sounded marvelous. You were literally given a script to plan and spend your time leisurely in nature just thinking and pondering how you would like to live your life. So often, we barely have time to make a grocery list. And here you have guidance encouraging you to spend a calendar year creating a life list! Oh, the visions of beach days listening to waves splashing the shoreline along with the peaceful sounds of nature as you paddle down a river in a kayak. 1 Water Year..SIGN ME UP!!!

…and then the gentle river of life changed and suddenly it felt as though life took on the current of perhaps an unexpected waterfall down river. The day to day practices of life changed and maybe feelings of confusion and loss of control. . You perhaps found yourself trying to navigate through the turbulence, paddling fiercely to keep everyone you love afloat. Your desire to prevent them from cascading over the edge took priority. Fortunately, you have the amazing resiliency of 3 Tree energy. You have the innate ability to quickly come up with ideas and solutions to maintain a great quality of life for yourself and loved ones. No doubt you effortlessly created and executed your new plan and no one missed a beat.

Now you are in the new flow of life and you’re asking, “Hey! What about me!?! I’m suppose to be at the beach blissfully contemplating my future… I have plans! …and preparations!!”

Deep breath. The beauty of this work is there is always opportunity to be discovered in the midst of change or unintended circumstances. My first thought when I received your note, was “voice.” It is important for 3 Tree energy to develop and practice their voice. You are exceptional at communicating, but using your voice for yourself is different. Having ideas, creating plans and making preparations for a new path in life can have swells of apprehension. It’s’ not just you moving along a path independently. You have others in your life who are content and used to the life you have created with and for them. Change affects each person differently and each person has their own way of responding to change. Sharing your thoughts about where you are energetically is as important for you as it is for your family. Because the work of Nine Star Ki is a practice of discovery, including gaining a deeper understand of your specific energy, having those close to you understand and honor your needs energetically is a valuable skill set that can serve many areas of life. As your loved ones see you taking the time to think about your life and ideas, allows and teaches them to do the same for themselves. As you communicate with your family, you become more confident to communicate to those in the outer circles of your relationships. Gradually your voice becomes clearer and assuredly stronger.

Recreate the places you would like to spend your time. If you have a wave (sound) machine (if you do not, hint for one as a gift) bring it outside and have a beach day in you yard. Load up the cooler with sandwiches, snacks and beverages and spend the day relaxing. Remember, you cannot do laundry while spending time at the beach. Play beach games like frisbee or paddle ball. Get everyone floral shirts to wear to dinner as you grill under the stars. Make it a game to see who goes inside the least amount of times. Remember the game winner receives a prize. Engage everyone in a Karaoke or Lip Sync Battle night. Choose songs relating to change…CH’ CH’ CH’ CH..ANGES… Enjoy a spa day (or realistically a 3 hour day). It’s your time to do what you would like for yourself. When your loved ones understand the importance and value this time is for you, they will be supportive and generous. Everyone experiences 1 Water year once every nine years. It’s a great opportunity to think of where you were nine years ago and the plans and preparations that got you where you are today. This year you are able to plan and prepare with a bit more mindful awareness and those who love you dearly get to experience this year along side you. The ripples of what you do today will inspire life in beautiful ways.

Thank you again for your inspiration for this post. If you have additional questions or feedback, please call, text or email. I am always appreciative when I am given the opportunity to share insights related to my work.

With gratitude and glitter,

This image is a reminder of the delicate nature of 3 Tree energy. While it is full of amazing qualities, it is important to remember. It requires a thoughtful balance of water and sunshine to experience the full expression of its beauty and potential.