Thoughts and Reflections for 4.5.2020

Seeds contain all of the necessary information needed to grow into themselves. For the most part, a seed placed in good soil and given adequate water and appropriate sun begins the process of growth. Some seeds grow quickly and some take a little more time. Stillness is an essential quality for any seed to begin growing. Imagine the trust and knowing for a seed to feel settled enough to release and begin growing.

Each of us has planted and continue to plant “seeds” which become the garden of our lives. Perhaps during your life you learned to play an instrument. The process of learning to play is a seed that you planted for yourself. If you continued to cultivate and work at playing your instrument, more growth occurred. Learning to play an instrument requires an element of stillness, the process is one of focus, patience and determination. Each sound has a resonance and quality to be understood. The same is true of becoming a carpenter. There are so many concepts that must be practiced and understood by a carpenter to become skilled enough to build a structure. Again, stillness is a necessary quality to begin.

The seeds we choose to “plant” begin with a thought or desire. It is important to note that some of the less desirable parts of life are also seeds which have been planted. The seed planted was perhaps absent of the mindfulness, awareness and “stillness” to fully acknowledge the moment when the seed took root and began growing. We often learn valuable lessons from the unintentional seeds planted along the way. The seeds of our life mindfully planted and cared for as roots are established and signs of life begin emerging are most often the moments of joy and fulfillment. The first notes learned become a song. The wood and nails are crafted into home. Each process began with a moment of stillness.

Plant some seeds and observe the stages of growth. Let the growth process of the seeds you plant inspire and inform areas of your life you would like to experience growth. Live in awe and wonder as the seeds you plant take root and begin to grow. Maybe there is a bit of cultivation that must take place before your seed is planted. Remember stillness is beneficial at the onset and as your seed develops. At each level of growth remember stillness. It is a useful tool to support and experience the potential of the seed you planted.

I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

Keep Calm and Glitter On!

I sprinkled a packet of cat grass seeds into a small planter with soil and water. Some of the seeds sprouted quickly and have grown more than others. There are some tiny sprouts just beginning to emerge. I have a similar planter where I sprinkled lavender seeds. No visible sprouts, yet. Note to self: some seeds require more time before they begin to grow…continue to care for the seeds and remain patient and still.

Our kitty is patiently practicing stillness and perhaps looking forward to a nibble of the newly sprouted cat grass or practicing his skills for catching lizards.

We have a mini forest of mint. Each year our mint grows we appreciate its beauty and splendor.