Thoughts and Reflections for 4.7.2020

Since we are all living closely with our family members I would love some tips on how to follow our own energy and co-habitat with the energies of our family members?
I really love this question. This is an area the guiding principles of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki can be very beneficial. For the purposes of offering explanation and insight, I am going refer to the energy profile of the person asking the question.

Dear 3.7.1,
You have a unique energy profile. The combination of tree, metal and water energy gives you the ability to relate and be compatible in and with a variety of the energies of others and situations. People are naturally drawn to your fun-loving way of being in the world. Whether you are hard at work or planning a event for family and friends, you are always finding a way to make each and every person feel valued. Since you naturally give of yourself in relationships it is important to be mindful and care for yourself, too.

As you know, you are in a 1 Water year for 2020. Your energy which is typically out-going is needing a bit more quiet to allow you to sink into your thoughts and give consideration to ideas and aspirations. For anyone in a 1 Water year it’s a great time to slow down and contemplate the future. Your day to day life, as well as others close to you has been altered significantly. For you, your 1 Water energy along with being in a 1 Water year creates a dynamic that makes it relatively easy for you to go with the flow of current circumstances. The challenge presented for you energetically is possibly not being met for your 7 Metal energy. While your 7 Metal energy enjoys being social and socializing, the energy of 7 Metal needs to have time to recharge. The way your 7 Metal energy recharges is by having personal time without tending to the needs of others. Since you are looked to as the “go-to” person to get things done, others close to you may not realize your need to have free time to yourself. Under normal life circumstances you are able to create time for yourself without others close to you noticing. It is important for you to prioritize your needs at this time. If your energies are not receiving the necessary support to remain balanced your 3 Tree energy has the potential to relay a thunderous message that can result in hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Valuable time and energy will be used for energy to recover.

3 Tree energy needs to experience spontaneity as well as bursts of lively activity. (If these suggestions don’t resonate, just reach out and we can discuss alternatives) Begin the day listening to your favorite playlist of music. Instead of going for a walk or run, mix it up with lively dancing or shadow boxing. The vigorous exercise will wake up your liver and release sluggish left-over energy. Entertain your family by singing a few of your favorite tunes. This is good exercise for your throat chakra (3 Tree). Strengthening your throat chakra helps with communicating a clear message. By singing you are supporting your ability to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Alternatively, singing may lead to others vacating the space for 20 – 30 minutes and you will gain much needed independence and time for yourself. Remember 3 Tree is never short on ideas, be creative and have some good laughs (also good for liver).

7 Metal likes to be treated well and pampered from time to time. Since this aspect of energy tends to be over-ridden by life as well as others’ energies, it is important for you to not ignore this part of your energy. Indulge yourself with an afternoon of reading a good novel. Instead of concerning yourself with meal preparation for the evening, have a meal scheduled for delivery or have ingredients for a satisfying salad ready when tummies get grumbling. The value of this is to give yourself uninterrupted time. This supports you navigating through the 1 Water year.

1 Water can easily be interrupted by other peoples schedules and change of plans. For Water energy it is easy to accommodate any situation and just go with the flow. Consider writing your schedule down and let your family know what you have planned for the day. This helps with expectations and encourages understanding. Sure you can flow from one activity to another, but having your own schedule to follow is good for your energy to remain organized. Remember it is essential for you to be mindful and honor your energy for the year. Anytime you feel as though you are experiencing rough waters internally, allow your emotions (water) to settle. When water is clear it is much easier to see what is below the surface and decisions can be made with more clarity.

Thank you again for your question. If you would like additional information beyond what I have offered, please reach out. Everyone is experiencing a shift in day to day living. Within our closest relationships we are discovering more about each other and ourselves. When communication is fostered where each person is listened to throughly and respectfully, individuals become more balanced and relationships experience the same equanimity. When we enter back into the world we will arrive with a better awareness of ourselves and others. The internal work translates and is carried into the external world. Each energetic year is filled with opportunity. Use this extended time to enhance the guidance of the 1 Water year. As sediment settles in the energy year of 1 Water, pieces of life will be seen more clearly.

Please call, text or email if you have any questions.

With gratitude,