Thoughts and Reflections for 5.4.2020

Greetings Energy Friends! It is a new month ready to be planted with opportunity. Wait a minute? ….are you saying ready to be planted? Yes! I am most definitely saying, “…ready to be planted.” The reason for the phrasing is because I received a post request from an extraordinarily radiant soul with the energy profile of 4.6.3.

4.6.3 asks, “How do I best use my time right now to live into the fullest potential of my energy?”

Dear 4.6.3,

Thank you for sending your question. On the surface, it may seem like a relatively simple question, but as you know, the study and practice of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki requires one to essentially dig deep to uncover and then reveal the essence of energy.

Your principle energy, 4 Tree, is the energy primarily used to understand the energetic influence for 2020. As you know, you are in the energy house of 2 Soil. In the previous year (2019) of 1 Water, guidance encouraged you to strengthen your roots physically, emotionally and spiritually. When one (particularly Tree energy) is supported by a strong root system, you create the opportunity for your branches to grow stronger and reach farther. Your Tree energy is given support by Soil. The reason I described the relationship between Tree and Soil as “given support” and not “supported by [Soil] is because in nature as root systems grow soil is shifted or disrupted by the growing roots. Just drive down any old street with established oak trees to understand the impact a root systems create. The relationship between Tree and Soil is best treated with consideration of the other. It is important to understand and respect the value of Soil. As Tree energy you have the upper branch (energy humor).

In my practice of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, I am always looking for where imbalances are occurring and then search to find the best energy solutions to correct the imbalances. Yin and Yang are always in play. 4.6.3, you inquiry “to live into the fullest potential…”. I must answer truthfully. There is no limit to your potential. You are Tree energy. Your potential is what you decide to make it. What I advise is to honor your energy. Honor your energy by giving yourself everything you need to grow. Be thoughtful in the choices you make for yourself.

In the general guidance of 2 Soil year, you are encouraged to begin planting the seeds (represented by your intentions) you would like to grow over the next 3 to 5 years. When we met earlier this year to discuss your guidance for 2020, you shared with me specific areas related to your personal work and career where you would like to see growth (and to a certain degree change). The energy house of 2 Soil is supportive of initiating new growth in your life. Choosing the seeds you wish to plant is quite an extraordinary determination to make in one’s life. You have already set in motion your decision and the process of new growth has begun. While certain areas of life are on pause, I encourage you to bring more focus to the details of each “seed” planted. By giving attention and identifying clearly your goals and aspirations (of your seed) you ability to discern what course of action to take as growth is occurring is strengthened.

One week ago, I planted 8 varieties of sunflowers. These photographs were taken one week after seeds were planted. Nature provides great inspiration. Seeds planted in a garden illustrate what can occur when the seeds of our intentions are planted in our own lives. 4.6.3, you are supported energetically to realize the full potential of the seeds you choose to plant this year. Nine Star Ki offers guidance and support to the shifts and changes you would intentionally like to create in your life. The sunflower seeds I planted a week ago would have struggled to grow if planted during the cold winter months. By planting these seeds now in rich, cultivated soil along with adequate water and warm sunshine, these seeds are given a greater chance for reaching their full potential. Now is your time. You’ve chosen and determined your intentions for change and growth. Give your seeds of intention what they need in order to grow. Continue to cultivate your intentions as they grow. As you navigate through the year and you observe changes occurring, adjust accordingly. This is an amazing time for you. I am excited to see all the beauty created by your mindful attention to the seeds of your life. What you do for yourself you also do for others. Thank you for courageously choosing to grow more magnificence in our world.

With gratitude,

Seeds planted on April 26, 2020. Photograph taken May 2, 2020

This is a photograph of the same area taken on Sunday May 3, 2020

Still a sunflower, but these seeds will grown into their own unique expression.