Thoughts and Reflections for 6.10.2020

Greetings Energy Friends! So much as happened since my last energy post. First of all, I have been able to connect and work physically in the same space with clients…YAY!!! I absolutely love the process of clearing and organizing. Having an opportunity to be together and offer support to help a client discover the potential of a space is so satisfying and fun! Clearing and organizing opens up energy paths and infuses the space with laughter. It just happens…

Big Drum Roll…. fengshui831 has an Instagram page!! I am so grateful to my website designer, Diane Vogel of Graphic Penguin for encouraging me and supporting me on this journey into the world of social media. It’s so scary and Diane gently guides me to grow my business through the world of technology. I am much more comfortable communicating in the world of gel pens and stickers, but it is time for me to plant new seeds and grow.

…and Ellen Rebecca Solonsky has offered and provided a nurturing foundation for me to plant the seed and begin the process writing a book. My life is filled with so much gratitude.

REMEMBER Requests Welcomed…so if you have a topic or question you would like discussed in a post, please call, text or email.

I truly love the lessons and information available through the guiding principles of Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki. If you have any questions or reflections, please call, text or email. I’d love to here from you. fengshui831 is open for business, so if you would like to schedule a session in person, via FaceTime or phone, I would love to connect and discuss energy.

fengshui831 thoughts and reflections: 6.10.2020

Light Shines ~

Choice is perhaps the most challenging part in the process of growth. Why? Choosing is personal. Making a choice can feel vulnerable. Our choices allow others to see how we choose to identify ourselves. The perception we have of ourselves through the choices we make often becomes the way others perceive us.

On Sunday April 26, 2020 I planted 8 varieties of sunflower seeds. I chose to plant the seeds in nutrient rich soil. I created an environment for the seeds to have the most optimal conditions for growth. After 1 week the seeds began growing roots and tiny seedlings began to surface above ground. Each week (on Sunday) I photograph the sunflower plants to document the progress of growth. As it turns out, I planted sunflower seeds and sunflower plants continue growing each week. Some of the plants are taller than others, some have thicker stalks, some have had their leaves nibbled on by insects but still they remain sunflower plants.

It is amazing to observe the sunflower plants each day. I reflect upon their growth and feel inspired in my own work and practice. I think about how each element supports the growth of each plant which began as a seed. How does the balance of each element support growth and how do I apply these same principles to my own life’s work?

Grow in the Light Direction ~

Three days ago a small tropical storm blew through the area I live along the gulf coast. The winds that blew through my backyard were straight-line winds blowing west to east. I watched as the winds changed the angles of the sunflower stalks. At times the stalks were practically horizontal as strong gusts blew through. At the time, I thought perhaps my garden of sunflower plants were not going to survive. I ventured out into the gusty rains and winds to photograph the moment. After the rain and winds subsided, the sunflower plants were leaning far towards the east. I was tempted to prop them up and help them to become vertical again. I chose not to rush in an “save” them. Instead, I made the decision to observe how the plants would respond to the severity and impacts of the strong winds.

Well…within 2 days the plants with thicker stalks returned to their vertical position of growth towards the sun. The thinner stalks, which remained angled toward the east, in the same 2 days, began exhibiting a grow curve and are now growing towards the light! It is just fascinating to observe the strength and innate wisdom of nature on display in my backyard. The plants did not give up after being battered by a storm. Their roots, strongly established, are able to keep the plants secured to their source of connection and continue growing.

Everyday we, as humans, are planting seeds. Seeds of kindness, seeds of education, seeds of relationships; etc. Each seed has the potential for growth whether it is planted thoughtfully of not. When the seeds of our life are planted with intention, the roots of connection are more likely to be established more securely to the source of inception. How we choose to treat the growth once it has begun has its own repercussions. After the storm, I almost pulled the sunflowers plants out of the ground thinking they were too damaged to survive and then begin again with new seeds. I made the choice to pause patiently and wait. The beauty of seeing the plants adjust to continue growing in the direction of the light makes me hopeful in my own life.

Sometimes it can feel like we’ve been battered by too many storms. The feeling of being “horizontal” in our life can create an impulse to pull everything up and begin again. Instead, take a moment…pause. Give notice to the roots you have established to support and supply you with the energy necessary to continue growing. Find where the light source is and adjust your position to move closer towards it. Trust that the seed you mindfully planted is going to be what you intended. I feel pretty confident the sunflower seeds I planted will one day produce sunflowers. It is exciting and the anticipation of the day a bud appears keeps me attentive to my garden of sunflowers plants.

Be encouraged and plant the seeds you imagine for your life. Marvel at the beauty of your creation. The seeds you choose will make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others.

Sunflower plants: 2 Weeks of Growth

Sunflower plants: 5 Weeks of Growth